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We showed 69 million people how to detect childhood cancer with their phone - and saved a baby's life.


Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT)

To raise awareness of CHECT and an aggressive deadly eye cancer in children we created a series of innovative, interactive posters to show people how to detect cancer with their mobile phone.


The campaign reached 69 million people worldwide including an Australian mother who checked her 3 month old baby's eyes and discovered a cancer. His life was saved.


Cannes Lions Silver

4 x Cannes Lions Finalist

OneShow Best in Show

OneShow Gold

OneShow Silver

2 x OneShow Merits

Eurobest Silver

4 x Eurobest Shortlist

3 x D&AD Wood

3 x UK DMA Gold

4 x UK DMA Silver

Drum Campaign of the Year

IAB Showcase Gold

Creative Circle Finalist

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